October Camp Success

Date: 12 November 2014

Preston Grasshoppers Community Rugby Coach Report

October Rugby Camp 28th – 30th

This was the first camp we have run during October Half-Term and we are so glad we did! The camp was very successful with over 40 children in attendance ranging from 5 to 13 years of age. As we’ve done in the past, the children were split up into three groups with different coaches on each day. The coaches were Pete Altham, Rory McCormack and I.

October Rugby Camp 3

Again the days were split so that rugby skills and games were in the morning sessions and the fun  team building activities in the afternoon sessions with all the groups mixed.

The first day consisted of rugby skills in the morning and then we split into three teams in the afternoon and tried a new game called rugby golf. This consisted of the team trying to get the rugby ball to hit the flag in the least amount of shots with players only taking one kick at a time, with prizes for the winners. The groups were split into three for most of the days of the camp with Group 1 being the mini group with ages 5 to 8, Group 2 with ages ranging from 9-11 and Group 3 being 11-13 years of age. This is so we can get the best quality coaching for the children and the coaches would swap groups each day so that the children would experience new and different coaching styles.

The second day consisted of again changing of the coaches in the morning sessions with rugby skills and small sided games. The afternoon session was then fun games and teambuilding including Rugby Paintball and Assault Courses which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

October Rugby Camp 2


On the third and final day we once again split into three groups in the morning sessions playing more fun rugby games including kick tennis, dodge ball and small sided games. After lunch for the afternoon session we had one big game of rugby paintball with everyone involved.

For the presentation at the end of the three days all the children received a medal and some goodies, there were also three individual trophies that were awarded which were:- October Camp Hero, October Camp Try Scorer and Most Improved October Camp Player.

Trophy Winners

Most Improved October Camp Player – Oliver Swindlehurst
October Camp Best Try scorer – Luke Tyson
Most Improved October Player – Taylor Walmsley

Keep your eyes peeled for information about the next Rugby Camp.

Phill Mills, Community Rugby Coach, Preston Grasshoppers

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