Opening of the 1869 Bar

Date: 03 September 2021

Reopening of the Wainwright Bar 1869 Bar

Members will be aware that a major investment has been made in refurbishing the Wainwright Bar. The intended opening date is mid-September 2021.

The major changes are:

  • Expansion of the entrance from the car park to make the bar more accessible and welcoming
  • A more contemporary lighter feel
  • Larger and improved televisions
  • More comfortable seating

To mark the change a new name of The 1869 Bar will be adopted to celebrate the history of the Hoppers.

The intention is to encourage a greater use of The 1869 Bar by members and non-members than the Wainwright enjoyed. This is a key commercial strategy to expand the use of the Club outside match days by both members and nearby residents.

The successful Terrace Bar pitchside and in the 1/3rd Dooley will continue and further investment will be made in this area. We are still hoping to install a pergola with an opening roof and sides on the terrace and it is important that improvements in the 1/3rdDooley area are integrated with this. Therefore for a short period facilities in this area may be sub-optimal but members are asked to bear with this in the interests of a successful launch of The 1869 Bar. This is in the long term interest of members as its success will enhance our ability to invest in sporting activity and maintain our facilities.

While all are welcome to use their preferred bar The 1869 Bar is aimed at a “smart casual” adult ambience while the Terrace Baris aimed at families and “clubhouse” users such as teams post training or playing, squash players in kit they have played in or cyclists on a ride. Large parties will be pointed in the direction of The Terrace Bar to prevent The 1869 Bar being swamped and dominated by such groups and kit bags should not be brought into The 1869 Bar. Food will be available in either bar.

It is not intended to have a draconian dress and user code but we hope that members will set a good example and use the bars appropriately. Realistically it has to be recognised that the distinctions between the bars will not be possible to maintain on certain occasions such a match day Saturdays.

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