PGRFC Thoughts With Billy Woof

Date: 18 May 2017

The club was shocked and upset to learn that Billy Woof suffered a life changing injury in the recent playoff match between Birkenhead Park and Penrith.

Our thoughts are with Billy and his family at this difficult time.

Billy had left Lightfoot Green to return to Birkenhead Park during the 2016/17 season after being a 1st XV regular over the past few years.

As a club, we will be contacting the Woof family when appropriate to discuss what support we can provide to help Billy both now and in the future.

The mantra of our club is “Once a Hopper, Always a Hopper”. Billy was once a Hopper and will always be a Hopper.

We are sure that everyone at Lightfoot Green and the wider rugby community will want to wish Billy well as he begins his recovery and no doubt rally around to provide their support.

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