Pitch Improvement Programme Final update

Date: 06 July 2017

Here’s the final update on progress of work on the Minis pitches as part of the Pitch Improvement Programme.

Following the earlier work to rotovate, top up and level the pitches, the contractors completed final preparations prior to seeding the playing surface.  The opportunity has been taken to provide an area of hard-standing at the entrance, and  recondition the gate at the same time.

The only work that has not been completed is to gravel band across the land drains to further improve drainage as a result of a two weeks delay at the start of the programme.  If time and conditions permit, this will be completed in August, or as a last resort in Spring 2018.

The playing surface is looking really good as the seed takes hold and grows, helped by the usual summer weather of sunshine and prolonged showers!  Despite the initial two week delay in starting the project, the playing area should be fully developed and ready for use in September.

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