Player of the month update

Date: 17 March 2019

The club is delighted to announce the players of the month for January and February.

January – Ian Byrne

Ian Byrne, tackling machine

Ian joined us during pre-season from Thornton Cleveleys. He has played for both the 3rd and 4th XVs and even trained with the 2nds. He made a guest appearance for the Lancashire Typhoons last week against Lancashire Police.

When not making arrests as a police officer there is no player he won’t tackle and always gives 110% . Well done Ian.

February – Cory Wallace

“There will be blood”

Cory has given his all for the club in recent weeks including his own blood! He leads from the front like every prop should and smashes rucks like firewood.

Even when injuries have stopped him he’s down to watch, encourage and assist in making sure we get a team out every week.

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