Refereeing Opportunities

Date: 10 April 2013

Manchester & District Rugby Union Referees Society

New Referees– an opportunity!

Recruiting referees from our clubs is vital to maintaining the number and quality of our Society referees. These days part of becoming a Society referee includes attending an RFU ELRA (Entry Level Refereeing Award) course.

To support the Society our RFU Training Manager has offered us subsidised places on an ELRA course (as part of the RFU Legacy scheme) which we will run in April. This will reduce the cost of an attendee on the course from the normal £50 to £12.50. The attendees need to be nominated by the Society so we are asking all members and member clubs to see if there is anyone in their club who they see as likely Society members (e.g. players who see a future involvement in the Game in refereeing rather than playing, players coming to the end of playing (for whatever reason) and want to remain positively involved, etc.) and offer them this opportunity.

Please contact David Guerin ( at the Society or John Powell ( at the club as soon as possible. This is an important part of ensuring that we have the right capacity to support our Clubs and Schools.

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