RFU Artificial Grass Pitch – conditions of use

Date: 13 February 2017



  • Access the AGP only via the Decontamination Zone.  No jumping over the Perimeter  Fence.
  • IRB (Regulation 12) approved boots only to be worn – no Metal Blades or Trainers.  Applies to Coaches and Players.
  • PGRFC Coaches are responsible for manning the Decontamination Zone and ensuring boots are checked and completely free of mud – for both home and visiting teams.
  • No spectators allowed on the AGP.

There are signs at the entrance to the decontamination area that further explain the rules for use of the AGP as stipulated by the RFU.

These rules are there to protect players/coaches and the AGP – please ensure that you are familiar with the conditions of use and comply with them.

Contamination of the pitch with mud, and compacting of the surface by flat soled shoes/trainers will result in the pitch failing to meet the exacting standards laid down for the use of Artificial Grass Pitches for Rugby Union by the IRB and could lead to injuries to players.

Adherence to these rules helps to protect all players.


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