RFU Management Board Committee Success

Date: 25 September 2017

On Wednesday 20th September, Preston Grasshoppers were delighted to host the RFU Management Board committee meeting at the club.

A new initiative by incoming RFU chairman, Andy Coslett, to bring the RFU out of Twickenham was warmly welcomed by the club. The evening before, the board attended a dinner in the Leigh Gallery with invited guests representing a range of rugby clubs and organisations from across the North West. The 3 course meal presented by our kitchen was praised by the all who attended.

On the Wednesday morning the board convened at 8am and the club was given the opportunity to address the committee members. Chairman of Rugby Development, Michael Lough, explained the club’s visions for rugby and the challenges it faces, and General Manager Richard Ellis gave an overview of the first 6 months of operation of the RFU’s flagship Artificial Grass Pitch at the club.  The board took a keen interested in the club and of course the AGP, and it was a mutually beneficial exercise.

There is a great level of prestige that comes with being one of the first clubs selected by the RFU to visit. They were impressed by all that the club are doing from mini & juniors all the way through to senior rugby and the administration and management.

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