Sally Watson’ Funeral

Date: 15 October 2016

Sally Watson's Funeral

This Sunday sees the dedication of the Preston Grasshoppers Ladies league match against Birkenhead Park Ladies being played in memory of treasured team mate and friend, Sally Watson, whose fight with cancer sadly ended last Friday.

The ladies would like to welcome anyone who would like to attend to join them in a minutes applause for Sal just before KO at 2pm.

The ladies are also doing some fundraising in Sal’s memory for Rosemere Cancer Foundation who gave much valued support throughout Sal’s fight to her and her family. The girls will be selling raffle tickets to support this on the day or alternatively donations can be given online at:



The tribute below was written by Sally’s teammate and friend Danielle Nash.

After 16 months of fighting it is with an extremely heavy heart that we announce that our beautiful team mate and treasured friend Sal’s battle with cancer ended on Friday October 7th.

Any of you lucky enough to know Sal will know what a huge loss this, Sal wasn’t just a member of this club she was the epitome of true Hopper! Sal may not have been the the best player on the pitch but she was the best friend, the best wife, the best mum, the best person we have ever had the privilege of meeting. Regardless of what Sal was going through she was the first to make time for others, listen to them and help them in any way she could. Her fight with this awful disease was an extremely tough one yet none of us ever saw her without that incredible smile on her face. Losing Sal came as such a shock as the strength and positivity Sal showed throughout was like nothing any of us have ever seen and we were convinced she would find a way to beat it! If anyone could, our Super Sal could!! Despite the tough treatment and complications Sal was never one to complain and would always focus on the positives.

It’s this incredible spirit that we’re using to help us get through this and is something we all hope to use to overcome anything that the future may throw at us. If we can try and tackle life’s challenges with an ounce of the strength and dignity that Sal had we know we’ll be better and happier people for it.

The only remaining thing left to say is that the love and support Sal received not only from the ladies team but the whole club throughout her fight is something we know helped feed Sal’s incredible strength right until the end. So as Sal isn’t here to say but we know she would have given anything to tell you all, huge thanks to each and every one of you for everything! Thank you for every message of support, every hug and every penny raised but above all thank you for all the memories and laughs.


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