Sean Taylor breaks Kes’ record

Date: 22 April 2013


Congratulations go to 21 year old Sean Taylor after he broke Steve Kerry’s long standing league points scoring record for Hoppers last Saturday in the game against Leicester Lions.

Sean Taylor

Sean breaks Steve Kerry’s 15 year record with his 6th conversion against Leicester Lions

Sean on the break

Sean on one of his typical runs through an opposition defence against DMP at the start of his record breaking season. Photograph courtesy of Mike Craig.


Steve’s record had stood for 15 years before Sean kicked the sixth conversion on to become the new record holder. Hopefully he will have the chance to build on his three hundred and thirty four points total with a possible three games still to play but who knows what his possible total would have been had he held the kicking duties from the start of the season. It was in the fourth game when Sean grasped the opportunity with seven conversions and two penalties from a faultless kicking display in the rout of Hull.

Being only one of three ever presents this season alongside Phil Baines and Jack Ward, Sean’s record includes 20 tries  75 conversions and 28 penalties and he currently stands at the head of the League Points scoring table this season by some margin. No drop goals to date so I wonder if he’ll slot one before the end of the season?

Drop goals were a significant part of the previous record holders make up and to the best of my knowledge he still holds the league record with four in one game at Aspatria on the 7th of September 1996 during the season he set the club’s previous best league points total with three hundred and seventeen in just one game less than his successor.

There have been other prolific points scorers for Hoppers of course but none have come near to Steve Kerry’s record until Sean this season. Paul Bailey came the closest with 269 from 24 outings in 2005/06. Martin Emmett accumulated 226 from 24 during 1998/99 and Chris Glynn totalled 219, also from 24 during 2000/01 so I’m sure they alongside everyone else at the club will appreciate what a tremendous season the youngster has had.

Steve Kerry kicks for position back in December 1996 in front of a packed Lightfoot Green against Northampton in a 5th Round Pilkington Cup tie, the same season he set the previous record.

Steve Kerry kicks for touch

Steve Kerry kicks for touch. Photograph courtesy of Catherine Forshaw.


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