Shed and Buried

Date: 27 June 2022

The more observant amongst you may have noticed that the ever-present green shed adjacent to the first XV pitch is no more!

Groundsman Pressy (Pictured above right) and his array of tools have moved into a shiny new high security shipping container in the copse.

To mark the passing of the old shed we thought we’d give you a potted history of its occupants and escapades.

Although somewhat hazy, it is though the shed first appeared circa 1982, donated by Geoff Hutchings who was a very industrious volunteer at the club. Apparently it used to house Geoffs aquariums.

The then groundsman Rick Anthony (aka “Spade”, pictured above left) suggests the roof was merely there for effect and had zero water proofing qualities.  Following winter storms Spade would spend most of the day baling out and clearing leaves.

Nor was it a high security facility, we have lost count how many times it has been broken into, whether by jemmying the lock or simply removing panels from the back walls. Spadey’s stash of bourbons usually the booty of choice for the assailants.

During the late 1980s the shed became a popular rendezvous for a cohort of players and Simon “Milky” Evans.  Ted Edwards, then a local skip driver, Willy Mould and Neil Ashton who were wholly incompetent apprentices to Spade at the time and Milky would descend on the shed most afternoons to drink tea and relive classic dart battles of the ages. Good Times.

Upon Spadey’s retirement, Dave “Pressy” Preston took up residence and made many aesthetic  improvements turning it into a des-res for rainy days and brew time.

Over the years the shed has seen promotions, demotions and emotions high and low,

But one thing is for sure; Pressy is sad to see it go……


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