Teammates with Conor Trueman

Date: 13 March 2019

1st XV winger Conor Trueman is the next player to take us behind the scenes in the dressing room and reveal all about his teammates.

Best trainer: It would of been Oga Mabaya before his achilles blew up so I’m going to give it to the man child Ryan Carlson

Quickest: Is it too vain to say myself … ?

Slowest: Has to be Burnsy (Danny Burns), he runs like a T-Rex

Hardman: Adam Howard don’t need explanation as to why

Most skilful: Arnie (Paul Arnold) for a 60 year old he can still do a decent offload

Hardest tackler: Alex Hurst aka the guillotine

Worst dress sense: Sam Stott never seen a lad wear such such tight jeans in my life

The joker: Either Scott Jordan or James Gough

Best mate at club: Ally Murray, 11 years we’ve known each other

Most vain: Again Ally Murray, never seen someone pout as much as his

Longest in the shower: Either PJ or Ally Murray, definitely something suspect going on there

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