Teammates with Jack Edwards

Date: 20 December 2018

Next up to be interviewed for out teammates feature is 1st XV back row and former Hoppers Mini-Junior Jack Edwards.

Jack has been a regular member of the 1st XV squad this season with some impressive performances in the back row. See which of his teammates he picked below.

BEST TRAINER – Anybody would think Oga Mabaya lived at the club, he just loves training.

QUICKEST –  Conor Trueman or maybe Tyler Spence but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a race, that would be interesting!

SLOWEST – As a guess I would have to say Danny Burns but again, I think this needs to be resolved in a race.

HARDMAN –  Matt Lamprey is probably the hardest runner!

MOST SKILFUL –  Conor Trueman under a high ball continues to impress me!

HARDEST TACKLERAdam Howard, although often in the wrong places – I’ll probably receive one of these “misplaced tackles” for saying this.

WORST DRESS SENSE – After Tuesdays ensemble this has to go to Tony Dennison. Everyone thought he had arrived to training in fancy dress!

THE JOKERScott Jordan is a big joker, or, he at least talks the most rubbish.

BEST MATE AT CLUB – Whoever is buying a round!

MOST VAIN – Probably Ally Murray for the amount of times he chose himself in the previous edition of this article.

AND… WHO’S THE LONGEST IN THE SHOWER – I don’t stick around to find out, however Ally Murray is always last out of the changing room.

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