Teammates with Luke Procter

Date: 07 January 2019

Next up to be interviewed for out teammates feature is 1st XV forward and former Hoppers Mini-Junior Luke Procter.

Luke has been a regular member of the 1st XV squad this season with some impressive performances in the second row. See which of his teammates he picked below.

Best trainer – Harry Holden and Jack Edwards, both little machines!

Quickest – Conor Trueman, when he decides to stretch his legs.

Slowest – Tom McGuinness, sorry Guin but you’re a lovely pace maker.

Hard man – James Fitzpatrick hits like a truck and you need a translator to understand him, what more do you want from a hard man?

Most Skillful – Gotta back myself. Ha, I mean who doesn’t?

Hardest Tackler – Adam Howard, taken a few in training, not fun!

Worst Dress Sense – Tony Dennison, just look at him.

Best mate at the club – Oga Mabaya, Team Longridge!

The Joker – James Gough, even in the middle of a game he’ll make you crack a smile.

Most Vain – Sam Stott, 100%.

Longest in the shower – Ally Murray, not disputing this one.

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