Teammates with Oga Mabaya

Date: 13 February 2019

Zimbabwean prop Oga Manaya is the latest player to take us inside the 1st XV dressing room and reveal all about his teammates.

See which teammates Oga picked for each of the categories listed below.

Best trainer – Ryan Carlson could train for a week non-stop and still would want to do more

Quickest– Tyler Spence. Hobbit Usain Bolt

Slowest – me. Even milk turns quicker

Hardest – Luke Procter. Seen him drop a cow once

Most skilful – Tyler Sloane. If Brian O’Driscoll was a prop it would be him

Hardest tackler – Adam Howard. A true weapon of mass destruction

Worst dressed – Tony Dennison. Dresses like someone out of keeping up appearances (if your over 25 you will know what I mean)

The joker – Scott Jordan like a young Geordie Mr Bean

Best mate – was Andile but he’s under my patio so it’s Chris Roddy

Most vain – Sam Stott but I don’t blame the guy

Longest in the shower – Ally Murray loves a shower that lad

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