Teammates with PJ Millea

Date: 31 January 2019

The latest Hopper to reveal all about his teammates is 1st XV skipper PJ Millea. Check out who he picked when asked to name the teammate who best fits the descriptions outlined below.

Best Trainer: Gareth Dyer’s Reebok classic

Quickest: Alex Jobson did Tyler in training and Tyler has been refusing a flat race ever since!

Slowest: Probably McGuin, not me as stated by Ally Murray!!

Hardman: I wouldn’t want to pick between Adam and Fitzy, so I’ll go Teddy Leatherbarrow young lad is absolute nails

Most Skillfull: me! Arnie has promised me a shot a 10 before I retire

Hardest Tackler: Arnie thinks it him after he put a good one in against Otley but I’d have to go Adam his hits make you wince

Worst Dress Sense: got to be Scott Jordan with his sandals

Joker: Goughy is a comedian, not a good one but he tries

Best Mate: Arnie known him since 2004 when we were both at nursery school ????

Most Vain: Mc Guinness is constantly sending me selfies on snapchat

Longest in the shower: close run between me or ally murray

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