Teammates with Scott Jordan

Date: 15 January 2019

Next up to reveal all about his teammates in the Lightfoot Green changing room is 1st XV full back Scott Jordan who has recently returned from long term injury.

We asked Scott to name with reasons his teammates who best fit the descriptions below.

BEST TRAINER – Oga Mabaya, always pushing to get better!

QUICKEST – Conor Trueman, when he isn’t injured.

SLOWEST – Daniel Burns, one hell of a sidestep though!

HARDMAN – James Fitzpatrick the north east Ross Kemp.

MOST SKILLFUL – Jobe Roxby, it’s like a one man show!

HARDEST TACKLER – Adam Howard he’s yet to hit me but one of our mates once got internal bleeding and a week in hospital off a tackle from him!

WORST DRESS SENSE – Everyone that doesnt wear birkenstocks! Apart from that it’s got to be Tony Dennison, his wardrobe is terrible!

THE JOKER – Tom Davidson, he’s always smiling and joking!

BEST MATE AT CLUB – Adam Howard, we keep it in the family!

MOST VAIN – Sam Stott

AND… WHO’S THE LONGEST IN THE SHOWER – tie between myself and Ally Murray!

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