Teams for Sale Pre-Season Game

Date: 21 August 2014

Hoppers send two squads to Sale on Friday night to take part in pre-season games with Sale Jets and Sale FC.

One squad will travel to Heywood Road to take on Sale FC and Sale Jets in two 40 minute games whilst the other squad will play a full 80 minute match with Sale FC at Carrington.

Both squads are missing some familiar names due to unavailability but do feature several new faces who you can read about in our article on the website on Friday.

Both squads can be viewed in the table below.

Vs Sale FC and Sale Jets Sale FC
At Heywood Road (M33 3WB) Carrington (M31 4AE)
Ko 8.00pm 7.30pm
1 Madden McGuiness
2 Mills Wilkinson
3 Altham Oga
4 Tomlinson Banks
5 Murray A Morton
6 Lees Warlock
7 Clitheroe Wilkes
8 White Farley ( C )
9 Kindred Hulme
10 Davis Woof
11 Gargett Elliott
12 Carter Geatches
13 Baines   ( C ) Reddick
14 Trueman Kendall
15 Allen Yates
16 Peterson Burns
17 Tuff Williams
18 Walker Todd
19 Embleton Rhodes-Powers
20 Whyte Madden S
21 Murray M
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