Temporary Arrangements at Club

Date: 13 September 2021

The Club has been hit by a perfect storm of Covid with Sharon the Office Manager off sick, pre-arranged staff holidays, new staff bedding in, and the general problems in the hospitality industry of recruiting staff at present. This has been compounded by it being a busy time with the start of the season and over running capital projects.

Members are asked to bear with us, be understanding and offer help where possible.


We are arranging a rota to maximise coverage of the office and telephone but this will not be 9 to 5. Nor will it always be possible to deal with queries as volunteers will inevitably not have full knowledge of the Club’s systems.

We are prioritising coverage from 9 to 12 so if you need to contact the Club urgently this will be the best time to do so.

Anyone who can help by at least manning the office for a few hours over the next fortnight should contactinfo@pgrfc.co.uk.


Members will be pleased to know that Alan Nutter is returning to the Club but until next month he has to serve notice at his present job. We had recruited a sous-chef to support Alan but they have now given back word. Without a sous-chef we will not be able to offer a full catering service even when Alan returns.

In the meantime Alan has agreed to help out and Victoria, our new Operations Manager, has also been stepping into the breach. This is not ideal and means we are having to concentrate on servicing pre booked functions including 1st XV match day meals. You are advised to check what casual and non-match day catering will be available in advance.


You will see quite a few new faces among the “old stalwarts” of our staff. Please be understanding as they learn the job and the idiosyncrasies of the Hoppers.  Making them welcome and thus helping with retention is vital. Abuse of staff is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

If you know of anyone interested in bar or catering work please let Victoria know. hospitality@pgrfc.co.uk.


The shop has successfully moved on line but was being run by Sharon. We are doing our best to service a backlog of orders but again please bear with us and if you can spare a few hours to help out please contact info@pgrfc.co.uk.

1869 Bar

This is looking really good and we are hoping that it will be available for the match day sponsor on 18th September. This is dependent on sorting out snagging and its proper opening will be towards the end of the month.

South East Entrance

Work on this couldn’t take place until the Vaccination Centre had moved out. As a result this entrance cannot be used this week but should be available for Saturday 18 September.

When complete this side of the Club should be a lot more attractive and welcoming than the predominately blank walls it hitherto boasted. To keep it so smokers are asked not to congregate in the entrances to the Club and 1869 Bar.


We are hoping to return to “Normal” as soon as possible but not everything is in our control. There is a real buzz about the Club and your Management Committee are very confident about the future.

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