Thank You Under 15s

Date: 15 June 2020

During lockdown, the club has seized the opportunity to undertake significant improvements to the clubhouse.

When Simon Lochhead learnt from Mini Junior Chairman Hugh Duckworth, who is overseeing the various projects, that a little extra manpower would not go amiss, he wasted no time in liaising with fellow parent Roger White in providing a team of lads and Dads from the Under 15s to help out.

Thanks to their efforts mountains of documents, equipment and furniture were moved seamlessly over the weekend to their new locations in the clubhouse.

More importantly, Hugh stated “the commitment and enthusiasm displayed by the young players – George Edwards, Charlie Lochhead and Matt Wright – bore great testimony to the strength of Mini Junior Rugby within the club.”

Thanks to all that helped out with this job. There are still jobs around the clubhouse that need volunteers to help with the work – if you can help please let us know.

‘Once a Hopper always a Hopper’

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