Thanks but hopefully not goodbye

Date: 22 October 2020

As well as the many physical changes you will see to the clubhouse when we return to normal there are some unwelcome human ones.

I’m really sorry to say that three of our longest serving and most dedicated staff have decided to blow the full time whistle.

Sisters Sue and Kate have kept the serving of food on match days and at other functions going despite the limitations we often labour under. Even with our unreasonable demands to “squeeze another table in” at a Christmas Lunch or Sportsman’s Dinner they have coped, making sure we all enjoyed ourselves while they and their staff beavered away somehow managing a smile and a merry quip.

Sue Horton & Kate Oak

Linda has also been an ever present on match days organising the raffle which does so much to support the club. She has also been a presence behind the bar for many years and her banter will be sorely missed. Quite who will keep the “regulars” in check in future is unclear.

Linda Kenyon

They are all far more than employees and are in a very real sense true “Hoppers”. Ladies we hope that we will still be seeing you all down at Lightfoot Green and we will have a chance to celebrate your retirement when things get back to normal.

Martin Hothersall
Chairman PGRFC

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