The Evolution of Pitch 2

Date: 21 July 2021

Regular visitors to the Club over the spring and summer will have noticed Pitch II go through several changes over the period.

Mid-April Pre-Start Grass showing wear and tear after 48 years of use


“The mound” of former Pitch I soil


23 April Digger at work on mound, pitch soil rotavated


29 April Mound is spread and outbreak of giant mole hills


18 May Mound reduced and pitch becomes a potato plot


6 June Mound gone


18 June Drains dug


 18 June drains inserted


25 June Drains closed and sand about to be added


6 July Pitch seeded to feed the pigeons


9 July First Green Shoots!

Overall the timetable has slipped slightly with unfavourable weather in June but early July with warmth and rain has been good for growing. The pitch is now slightly raised compared to previously and its flatness has to be seen to be believed. Only real problem still to be resolved is that the crossbars are now too low!

First use will depend on how well the grass roots over July and August but we are hopeful for a September date.

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