The Long View – Part 2

Date: 18 November 2011

In Part Two of “The Long View” we asked Sean about his views on Union so far, his impressions of his new Hoppers team mates and what the best piece of advice he was given.

So Sean, what would you say is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

There are a few different phrases that I use but basically when I was growing up it was if you want something bad enough you have to give it your all and not cut corners. When I entered rugby league it was pretty much the same. The best players always put in the extra shift and you had to commit to giving it your best.

What were your first impressions of your new Hoppers team mates?

Basically I thought they were a great set of lads. They have a real camaraderie and it’s a really good group to be around. There is a good banter between the players and they work really hard for one another. There are some tough guys in our squad who really put their bodies on the line and there is a good level of skill throughout. It’s the being in and around the squad and the team ship that you miss most when you leave the game and to get back that feeling with the Hoppers lads has been great.

What has surprised you most about union so far?

Playing last week was a real eye opener. In the backs it is pretty similar but to be honest how hard the forwards have to work was a surprise. For big lads they have to really put themselves around. One minute it’s mauling and then they have to hit rucks and get around in support. There is no resting opportunity. Getting used to the tackle area has also been interesting and something I have had to get used to quickly.

What are your remaining ambitions in rugby?

I really want to progress as a coach in rugby league. My goal is to become a head coach but I have much to learn and I’m going to give it my best. With Hoppers I want to enjoy playing and widen my playing perspective and who knows if something comes off the back of that in union then I could even consider a move to coaching in union. However my focus is with Salford and that’s where my main focus will be.

The website would like to thank Sean for taking the time to answer our questions. He is a real pro and everyone at Hoppers hopes he enjoys his time with the club and particularly his home debut this Saturday against Hull Ionians.

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