The Long View – Part One

Date: 16 November 2011

As part of the countdown to Sean Long’s home debut on Saturday 19th November, the website caught up with the man himself to ask him about his legendary league career, his views on union and what his first impressions of his new team mates are!

In part one we ask Sean about his career highlights and about some of the characters he encountered in Super League…

So Sean what would you say was your biggest playing achievement?

I had a lot of success but playing for your country is the pinnacle. I was lucky enough to do so on a few occasions. Beating Australia in Oz was special as we hadn’t won there in years. Obviously winning the Lance Todd Trophy and the Man of Steel awards were really special on a personal basis.

You played with some brilliant players but who would you say was the best player you played with?

I was lucky to play with a lot of great players but if I had to pick one it would have to be Keiron Cunningham. He was a real one club man and his longevity said it all. He was as hard as nails but he was never sent off and he scored some really important tries for Saints.

Who was the best player you played against?

Again a lot of good players but Andy Farrell and Jason Robinson were world class. They could both change a game and were both super clever players. The fact that they did so well in union also shows how skilful they were.

Which player would you say was the hardest player you played against?

I’d have to say Adrian Morley. We are good mates off the field but he’d still give it to you on the pitch. A real competitor.

Who was your idol growing up?

Either Shaun Edwards or Andy Gregory. As half backs they were who I took most interest in and were both top players. Watching them made me want to play half back.

What was your favourite away ground and why?

I always really liked playing at Castleford. I’ve always liked the older grounds like the Jungle as they had their own character. It was always a good atmosphere and it had a good playing surface which helped.

Who would you rate as the best coach you played under?

Probably Ian Millward. He changed me as both a person and a player. He was always testing you and looking for improvement and we had a lot of success and good times with Ian in charge.

Do you have any regrets from your time in Super League?

We all have regrets! I suppose the betting scandal wasn’t a great thing to get myself involved in but on a playing basis coming home early from the 2006 Great Britain tour was a bad time and perhaps I could and should have played more times for my country.

In Part two we’ll find out what Sean makes of union and his first impressions of his new club. Keep logging on to find out more!

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