Update on Hoppers input to RFU New competition strategy

Date: 11 October 2020

As the Coronavirus pressures continue, the RFU have announced a delay in publishing their plans for the new competition structure which were due in early October. However, we are continuing to try to influence the outcome of their consultation and continuing to try to reduce the cost of league rugby in the community game.

In support of our views, the club has recently generated a paper showing the impact of paying players and competing in league rugby each year on our finances. To try to get the topic openly discussed by others including the salary cap working group we have shared it with the RFU and as we would like the issue to be more widely debated, we are now going to share it with others including fellow clubs and the press.

We will continue to campaign for the introduction of minimum community club qualification standards that include player development, facilities and infrastructure requirements for promotion to and within National leagues. In the post Co-vid era we also want to see across the board cost reductions at Level 3 and below accompanied by firm league regulations policed by the RFU with real demotion penalties for any infringements.

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