Date: 20 June 2018

Malcolm Alden & Mike Forshaw accompanied the Preston City Council Mayoral party on their Twin Town visit to Kalisz in Poland where Malcolm held a training session with both senior and junior members of the newly formed Husaria rugby club who are hoping to travel to Preston during August 2019 and compete in the International Rugby Tournament.

The Tournament is just one of many planned events and functions to celebrate Hoppers 150th Anniversary.

Whilst the Husaria were only formed five years ago and changing facilities consist of a couple of converted storage containers, their playing area is comparable to Lightfoot Green. The 3G playing surface is accompanied by a modern raised seating area and the club are seeking local council funding to refurbish the now abandoned building which overlooks the pitch.

Malcolm took the double two hour training sessions to very attentive groups of players (both male and female, senior & juniors) in temperatures well over 30o.

The club had spread the word of the visit from Preston Grasshoppers and some of the seniors who attended from other clubs had travelled over 150k for the session.

The Mayor along with other Kalisz Councillors came along and watched as Malcolm gave a de-briefing to the Seniors after their session.


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