Volunteer Opportunity at PGRFC

Date: 27 July 2016

The club is working on an ongoing arrangement with UCLan which will mutually benefit both of us.

Under this arrangement UCLan will provide a range of support services to PGRFC including the following:

  • Fitness testing and conditioning programme
  • Video analysis service for 1st and 2nd team matches
  • Sports therapy and strength and conditioning support at training sessions
  • Reporting on 1st team matches.

The services to be provided are very important to the club for a number of reasons (e.g. the video analysis to be used in training sessions to develop and improve individuals and the team) and we are keen to maximise benefit from the arrangement.

We are looking for a volunteer who will be the point of contact for the club with UCLan to provide them with feedback on the service being provided to PGRFC. In this role, the volunteer will get feedback from within the club on the service provided (e.g. from the coaching team on the quality of the video analysis) and provide this to UCLan through regular formal and informal discussions. He/she will also take feedback from UCLan and pass this on to the appropriate person within the club.

This is a great opportunity for a club member to get involved in the development of the club and to really help and make a difference.

So, if you are interested please contact me on:

adonovan270@gmail.com or 07885798843.

Andrew Donovan

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