Will Mould’s Ultimate XV

Date: 21 February 2012

In the latest of our Ultimate XV’s we bring you the thoughts of a former Hopper now living in exile “darn sarf” in the shape of former scrum half Will Mould.

Will played mini rugby at Hoppers from age of 7 before enjoying an excellent schoolboy rugby career at Stonyhurst College. From there he migrated to PGRFC Colts and then 2 years in PGRFC 1st XV. After leaving for the pleasures of the Big Smoke he played for Staines RFC for several years and also represented Middlesex in the County Championship for 4 years. Always one of the exotic, Will represented Zimbabwe at 7’s in the Safari 7’s in Kenya.

Never known for being shy, Will adds his own comments to his selections. If you know Will then some of these comments should be interpreted as very much tongue in cheek (we hope!).

15. Iain Balshaw (PGRFC, Bath, England, Lions)

He was my fag at boarding school, very good at making toast and shining Shoes.

14. Richard Wallace (Ireland, British Lions)

Played with him in Kenya at the Safari sevens, could have been quicker to be honest.

13. Dave Whittingham (PGRFC)

Sublime oriental-looking outside centre.

12. Jim Moore (PGRFC, Lancashire)

Great hands, vision and defence, looks more like a prop these days.

11. Joe Hindle (PGRFC)

Hoppers attempt at a Lancashire Jonah Lomu, certainly had the weight if not the pace.

10. Vince Gradillas (England Schools)

Schoolboy international who could have gone on to great things – he didn’t.

9. Kyran Bracken (Bristol, England, British Lions)

Taught this muppet all he knows, how did he repay me? Blanked me at the 2003 World Cup. Ended up having to hang round with Prince Harry instead.

6. Roy Dransfield (PGRFC)

Hoppers legend who introduced me to senior rugby – no finer teacher

7. Craig West (Rotherham, Yorkshire)

Rotherham and Yorkshire’s answer to Jean Pierre Rives

8. Neil Ashton (PGRFC, Lancashire)

A fine specimen of a man who tore round the pitch as though he was taking apart a drug dealer’s house in a Blackburn terrace!

5. Wade Dooley (PGRFC, Lancashire, England, British Lions)

From schoolboy hero to team mate – saved my skin on the Canada Tour too!

4. Mike Bailey (PGRFC, Lancashire, England Vets)

Possibly the thinnest calf muscles in senior rugby. Camp voice disguised steely core and appetite for hard work. Rubbish captain.

3. Mark Davies (Bridgend, Staines, Middlesex)

Bridgend, Staines and Met Police – never went backwards in a scrum, ever!

2. John Black (PGRFC, England Schools)

Nasty, irritating hooker – all the right qualities. Went soft in the end though.

1. Dave Chadwick. (PGRFC)

‘Our Nelly”, nuff’ said.

Sub: Ted Edwards – superb distributor – of oranges!

Coach: John Morgan – inspiring and very knowledgeable

Manager: John Crayston – top bloke, amazingly bald dome shaped head too!

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