World Cup Tickets

Date: 13 May 2014

Following the initial round of applications for tickets the club has an allocation of 18 tickets for France vs Italy on Saturday September 19 at 5pm. Details of pricing are in the table below.

Date Pool Match Ticket Prices          
    A B C C Child D D Child
Saturday September 19 17:00 D France v Italy







This is now open to any member to apply for the tickets including other sporting, social and mini-junior as at 01.09.2013.  Applications should be made to and need to be received by 17:00 on Monday 12th May 2014.

Matches at Twickenham

You can apply up to four tickets per person. You need to complete the attached form and return it to me at the address shown above. If the demand for tickets for a particular game is greater than our ticket allocation (see below), then people will be limited to just two tickets per person. If there is still a problem, then a draw will take place to determine who can apply for tickets. Unlike the 6 Nations or autumn games, if successful you will be given a login to the RWC web site and it’s for you to then apply for the nominated game, and purchase what priced tickets you want. It’s on a first come first served basis so if you want cheaper tickets you will need to log in on the first day, 16th May.

Ticket Pricing

Although many of the tickets are quite expensive, this game has tickets for children priced at only £15 (this is not a separate allocation of children’s tickets, they are within our overall allocation). These tickets are allocated by the RWC on a first-come first-served basis. Once the cheaper tickets are gone, you will then be offered tickets at the next price range available.


To be able to apply for tickets you MUST meet the following requirements:

(i) be aged at least 16 on 6th May 2014;

(ii) be a Member (any category including mini-junior) of Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Football Club as at 1st September 2013;

(iii) agree to meet all the terms and conditions as laid out on the application form; in particular to agree not to sell your tickets to any third party.


Deadline for forms is 5pm on Monday 12th May 2014, to be delivered to the address shown above. (please do not send any money with applications)

If required, a ballot for tickets will take place on Tuesday 13th May and be overseen by 3 management committee members.

If successful – Your details are loaded onto the RWC web site and you are advised of your selected Twickenham game(s) or for the games at other venues.

16th May – The successful members can log on to RWC web site and purchase tickets.

30th June – Tickets sales close.

To apply please download the attached application form below.

RWC Tickets Application Form

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