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Cask Ales

Avid IPA 5.0%
Strong resin hop flavours and increased bitterness, which are balanced by the sweet malt content.
Avid Sante Letfield 4.5%
Small Batch Special Creamypale ale
Avid Raspberry Ripple 4.6%
Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream
Banks Sunbeam 4.2%
Brewed with an exciting blend of Pilgrim, Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops Sunbeam is a gloriously zesty blonde beer.
Banks Amber Bitter 3.8%
Crafted with the finest ingredients to deliver a really easy drinking beer. A deep gold in colour it comes with malty, hoppy flavours and clean finish with fruity overtones.
Beer Brothers Gold 3.8%
A bright refreshing golden session ale, with hints of caramel and a smooth bitterness.
Beer Brothers Gunslinger 4.7%
This is a fruity little number. Crafted with Simcoe in the boil and dry hopped with Amarillo in the fermenter to produce a punchy Ale with smacks of citrus in the front and hints of pine down the back bone.
Bombardier Amber 4.1%
A fruity aroma and rick and malty taste.Tangy Fuggles hops andsultana fruit flavour finish the palate.
Bombardier Golden Beer 4.1%
A rich citrus fruits taste provides a dry, refreshing beer.
Bowland Brewery Hen Harrier 4.0%
Bowland’s top flight ale! A stunningly refreshing beer filled with soft citrus and peach flavours.
Bowland Brewery Double Deckerdence 3.8%
A light 3.8% session ale packed with tropical fruit flavours.
Bowness Bay Brewery Lakeland Blond 3.7%
Nelson Sauvin hop, fineEnglish Pale Malt and the smooth Cumbrian water combine to produce a light dry lovely blond ale.
Bowness Bay Brewery Amazon Amber 3.8%
A distinctive partnering of oranges and spiced berries creates a light tasty ale.
Courage Best Bitter 4.0%
Pale in colour, fully balanced with a malty flavour and distinctive hop character, makes for an easy drinking session beer.
Crankshaft Brewery Foggy Gold 3.8%
A cross between lager and real ale. A light gold in coloure with hints of lemony citrus and a dry finish.
Crankshaft Brewery Ribble 100 4.0%
A 100 year celebration beer for Ribble Buses.
Farm Yard Ales Haybob Gold 3.9%
We created this golden ale by taking inspiration from traditional beer styles to bring you a subtle malty and easy drinking beverage.
Farm Yard Ales Chaff 4.7%
Chaff dances between the pale ale and the IPA styles.
Jennings Cocker Hoop 4.6%
An award winning golden bitter which won gold in the World’s best beer Awards (European) 2013 and more recently a silver medal at the International Beer Challenge 2014. A bitter beer of great character, appealing to those drinkers who really appreciate their beer and are looking for quality.
Jennings Golden Host 3.8%
A full flavoured golden bitter brewed using the finest English malted barley and carefully selected aromatic hops. A generous handfull of Crystal malt has been added to give a delicate flavour and subtle aroma.
Lancaster Brewery Cashmere 4.2%
An American hop with lemon, lime and melon flavours.
Lancaster Brewery Jester 4.3%
The British Jester Hop gives a Tropical Fruit Aroma.
Lytham Brewery Summer 4.0%
Blonde coloured beer with a thick tight head. Delightfully refreshing with complex hoppy and fruity aroma. A very drinkable session ale.
Lytham Brewery Radler pilsner 3.8%
A pale ale brewed using only light lager malt to give a smile refreshing ale, subtly combined with a fruity twist, strawberry and lime to give a fruity finish.
Mansfield Cask Ale 3.9%
A clean, lightly fruity beer with a subtle bitterness. Amber coloured with a satisfying, hoppy aftertaste.
Marston’s Old Empire 5.7%
Crafted to produce an authentic re-creation of an IPA. With its pale appearance, strong hoppy taste and higher alcoholic strength it comprises all the genuine characteristics of a true India Pale Ale, which were necessary to survive the three month long journey from Burton to Bombay.
Marston’s 61 Deep 3.8%
5 American and Australian hops give it its fresh, zesty aroma, whilst the tropical fruit and citrus notes make it extremely drinkable.
Marston’s Saddle Tank 3.8%
An oldie but a goodie. The recipe’s been around for yonks. Clear, bright and full flavoured with a malty, biscuit taste.
Marston’s Shy Giant 4.5%
A luscious New England IPA, packed with blueberry ans tropical fruit flavours.
Marstons Lancaster Bomber 4.4%
A classic English ale, chestnut in colour with a lovely full-bodied flavour, enriched with wonderful late hop character.
Moorhouses Oblivion 4.5%
A golden ale, quadruple hopped with Mosaic for tropical and orchard stone fruit notes.
Moorhouses Pride Of Pendle 4.1%
An extremely satisfying light amber ale that is balanced with biscuit malt and hops to give a delectably dry taste.
Old School Brewery Playtime 4.2%
Golden with a firm white foam. Aromas are biscuit and lemon with cereal grain. Floral with hints of pineapple. Flavours are resinous lemon with mellow tropical fruit. Biscuity and pale, nutty lager malts.
Old School Brewery Detention  4.1%
A clean, straw coloured light drinking bitter. This is a fully flavoured beer with floral aromas and a slightly dry finish. The perfect session beer.
Oscars Brewery Summer Blond 4.0%
Blonde ale brewed with forrest fruits.
Oscars Brewery Dog Father 4.0%
Brewed with 4 different hops and 4 malts to give a full flavoured, yet smooth and easy drinking, rich copper coloured ale.
Oscars Brewery Gun Dog 4.0%
A great tasting blonde ale, bittered with Galena and packed with Tettnang hops to give a gloriously refreshing, beautifully balanced, blonde cask ale.
Ringwood Boondoggle 4.2%
Boondoggle delivers a hoppy aroma with a citrus punch. This followed by a well-balanced moreish fruity taste. Boondoggles unique character is a result of the use of the finest English Pale Malt, First Gold and Fuggles Hops.
Ringwood Circadian 4.5
Hoppy and full flavoured session India Pale Ale.
Ringwood Razorback 3.8%
With an ideal balance of hoppy happiness and citrus fruit, our classic Razorback is plenty refreshing to hit the spot.
Ringwood Fortyniner 4.9%
49er delivers a fresh hop bouquet, turning into a slightly malty taste off set with strong hop balance, and deep bittersweet finish – a true connoisseurs pint.
Windmill Pukka 5.6%
Brewed with oats and three varieties of English hops, First Gold, Jester and Pilot to give a full on flavoursome beer that is full of body.
Windmill Tonga Ultra Pale 4.5%
Brewed using 3 distinctive New Zealand hops, Green Bullet , Dr Rudi and Rakau.
Wychwood Hobgoblin 4.5%
Full bodied Copper Red ,Strong in roasted Malt Modderate Hoppy slightly Fruity.
Wychwood Hopganger 4.2%
Hops to the left of you Hops to the right .The Aroma of Exotic Fruits paired with a refreshing Citrus Hop hit makes this Blond Beer A double delight.
Wychwood HobGoblin Gold 4.2%
The combination of four hop varieties and an infusion of wheat and malted barley has resulted in the perfect golden beer – with a huge hop punch. Guilt edged golden refreshment. An infusion of wheat and malted barley has resulted in the perfect golden beer – with a huge hop punch. Guilt edged golden refreshment.
Wychwood HobGoblin 4.5%
Traditionally craft brewed with Chocolate and Crystal malts and a blend of Styrian ,Goldings and Fuggles hops to produce a full-bodied Ruby beer that delivers a delicious chocolate toffee malt flavour.
Youngs London Gold
4.0% With its fresh natural taste, delightfully smooth palate, full rounded flavour and great hop aroma, no wonder its Special. 100% malt brew: Marris Otter and crystal malt with Fuggle and Goldings hop creates a satisfying rounded pale ale.
Youngs Special 4.5%
With its fresh natural taste, delightfully smooth palate, full rounded flavour and great hop aroma, no wonder its Special. 100% malt brew: Marris Otter and crystal malt with Fuggle and Goldings hop creates a satisfying rounded pale ale.